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Services :

Website Designing :
The design of your website can either let you stand out in your industry, or brand you as an amateur. This is where many people will first encounter your organization. We specializes in finding the look and feel you want to present to the world, and using high quality design principles to ensure that visitors get that impression.

Website Developement :
Once visitors have reached your site, what happens? The visitors could look things over, and then move on. Will they remember what they saw? Great design and content layout will help, but if you really want to establish a relationship with a visitor, you need some type of interactivity. Contact forms, opt-in newsletters, members-only sections, and threaded bulletin boards are all proven methods of increasing the long-term impact your site has on a targeted visitor. We take care of all these things as per your desire or requirement.

e-Commerce Solutions :
E-commerce stand for Electronic Commerce,which is one of the most important aspects of the internet to emerge.It allows people to exchange goods and services electronically and without any barriers of time or distance. Any time of the day or night, you can go on the internet and buy evrything which is available on the Internet.Now a Days Everything is availble on the Internet i.e Pizza,Railway Ticket,Airline Ticket,Gift,Cloths and Mobile Phones etc.Now even you can book a taxi online in anywhere in the world.

However,creating a successful online store can be a difficult and confusing one if you are not aware of the concepts and principles behind E-Commerce.So before going Online Business you should have to clear the concept of Electronic Commerce. For any type of clarification get in touch with us.

Software Development :
Software is the lifeline of any growing organization relying on IT for its growth and stability. But an incompetent solution can actually effect the reversal. With its immense expertise, Radix Technologies can provide just the right solution for projects of varying complexities and duration, catering to variety of systems under myriad platforms, whether it is on-site or otherwise. We provide consultancy and programming services to our clients as an Offshore Software Development Center. Our services include among others business software analyses, graphical user interfaces, prototype development, and database optimization. We offer a dedicated balanced team with considerable project experience for our client's software needs. This team can increase or shrink as per client requirements. A dedicated team brings with it technologies, tools, processes and methodologies that are unique to each client. It maximizes residual knowledge of the client's team. Effectively, we are an extension of our client's software team.

CD Presentaions :
The benefits of the interactive CD media, coupled with the immediate delivery of high quality audio, video or Flash presentations, means that CD-ROM remains a powerful marketing tool.

Multimedia Presentaions :
Multimedia Excitement is the designing of animation that creates excitement for your users or targeted audience. A message put in motion is a powerful tool to better serve your visitors experience at your website. There are many forums for creating motion graphics for the internet. Presentations for a potential client, cartoons, screensavers, online magazines, streaming media, introduction pages, Direct Marketing Tools to name just a few. Whether you would like an intro page or a full website tied into your database we can deliver the excitement you need at an affordable cost.

Search Engine Optimization :
Submitting your website to major search engines and directories is essential for success on the Internet. But, the critical point is making sure that your website gets top rankings in search engines and directories. What's the value of a page in 11th page of Google search listings?

Our role starts just there. We analyze your website, plan search engine optimization/promotion as well as online marketing for you. But, all the while we specialize in delivering cost effective search engine optimization and marketing services to you, irrespective of the nature of your business.
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